How to associate with Life 4 Nations as part of the network
Before commencing this section you should first have read the vision and aims of Life 4 Nations, and the Beliefs Statement.  If you have not already done so please go back to those sections and make sure that you are in agreement before you apply to associate.   Thank You!

The Philosophy and Dynamics of Association

Here are the advantages:

  1.  By teaming up with others you will accomplish more.   Teaming up stimulates, challenges, gives you fresh ideas.   The total skills of the team is more than the individual.
  2. Being associated with others protects your ministry.   The loner ministry is more vulnerable to attack and has no committed relationships to come to their assistance.
  3. Association protects your church.   If the shepherd is struck down, the flock scatters.   For the sake of your people, develop strong ministry relationships beyond your local church.
  4. Association together (networking) gives you new ministry resources to tap into.   First up is communication with key ministries using primarily e-mail and the internet.   Second is the training resources.   Third is the opportunity to open a training School for leaders, a Bible School for evangelism and church planting.   Fourth is other resources and so on.
  5. Association can link you with other similar ministries in your own nation.
  6. Association will help you enlarge your ministry.
  7. Association will help new ministries starting off.
  8. Association will help senior ministries lead younger ministries better.
  9. Association will assist women ministries and youth ministries.   In some countries these are neglected or devalued.
  10. Association will greatly assist Christians where persecution against them is strong.
  11. Association will help travelling ministry to visit and strengthen you.
  12. Association keeps ministry standards high.   With Life 4 Nations, it is always the standard that Bible standards apply as to life and conduct.   We want excellence to the glory of God.
  13. Association means that the integrity of your leadership in the local scene where you minister is always respected.   No one in Life 4 nations has the right to go in on your church without your consent.   You always remain in charge.   No one controls you from outside.
  14. Association is comforting! Yes!  Leadership can be a lonely road sometimes.   It is a genuine comfort to know that you are recognised and connected with others.
  15. Association means that we have accepted your application to be part of Life 4 Nations.   Your ministry and leadership is recognised.

Once again, have you read over the vision and aims of Life 4 nations?   Have you read and understood the Belief Statement?  If yes, then you are now ready to proceed with your application.

Click here to open Application form – Word document. (for emailing)

Click Here to open application form in PDF Format. ((for posting)

Please download it and fill it in, and attach it to an email to us or post it to our P.O Box in NZ.