About Life 4 Nations

Life 4 Nations was planted to serve a global vision as the Holy Spirit moved upon Pastor Graham’s heart.   It was also the out-growth of many years of maturing in Pastor Graham’s ministry which took place in Fiji, Tonga, Fiji again and then in the northern region of New Zealand.
The apostolic call was something Pastor Graham had never coveted, but was abundantly confirmed by reputable ministries and confirming circumstances.
It must also be said that we live in days of restoration where the Holy Spirit is restoring the full dynamic of the Ephesian 4:11 ministries.   The apostolic and prophetic gifting have become more obvious since the 1980’s.   The Lord is bringing in a great harvest in the nations and God’s servants are rising up with authority in the Holy Spirit.

What is Life 4 Nations? – Could this help you?

Life 4 Nations is a global network of Independent Holy Spirit filled churches and their leaders, as well as other Christian ministries, who associate voluntarily, recognising the Lord Jesus Christ as their Risen Head and who commit themselves to network together to advance the cause of Christ worldwide.   The Great Commission of Christ and the Apostolic vision of the book of Acts to strengthen local churches are our heart-beat.

If you would like to associate with us, read our Vision and Aims, and Beliefs page, then fill in our online form on our “how to associate” page.