Life 4 Nations

wheat_fields1test2Life 4 Nations is a ministry committed to evangelism and church planting,

working with visionary leaders from the nations of the world.

If you would like to join our global network of Independent Holy Spirit filled churches and ministries, you are invited to read our Vision and Aims, Beliefs, and Associate with us.

This is the apostolic vision of the Book of Acts which involves impacting nations with the gospel of Christ, planting churches, and strengthening local church leaders and congregations.
The International Overseer of Life 4 Nations is senior pastor Graham A Cruickshank, of Whangarei, New Zealand.   Pastor Graham carries an apostolic gift in his life and is also an excellent teacher of the word of God with accuracy, depth and maturity.
Pastor Graham has planted churches in the Kingdom of Tonga, the Republic of Fiji, and in his home nation of New Zealand.   By linking with visionary leaders globally, over 100 more churches were planted in Asia and Africa.   A key part was the raising up of 11 new bible Schools, made possible by using Pastor Graham’s Bible College courses.
In total, as at 2012, Pastor Graham has had 40 years in full-time Pentecostal ministry, preceeded by 10 years of voluntary, intensive youth work.
In New Zealand, he pastors Life 4U Christian Fellowship, is the Principal of Life 4U International Bible College, and is the national overseer of the Associating Churches and Ministries of New Zealand.
Pastor Graham is mentioned in various international publications on Pentecostal ministry such as:

  • International Directory of Pentecostal and Charismatic movements by Stanley M. Burgess and Edward M. van der Maas.
  • History of Charismatic Ministries in New Zealand by Pastor James Worsfold (N.Z.)
  • The Spirit in Paradise by Rev. L.R, Larson (U.S.A.)
  • Pentecost at the ends of the Earth by Pastor I.G.Clark (N.Z.)
  • In the writings of evangelist Barry Smith (N.Z.)
  • In various national publications of the A.O.G. in Fiji and the A.O.G. of New Zealand